Canadian L'Abri Lecture Schedule

Anyone is welcome to attend the Friday night talks. These events are free and we welcome you to the public meal that precedes the talk at 6 PM. We do ask that you email if you have a group coming, so we can prepare enough food. You may also join via Zoom. Sign up by email just below to receive the notices to get the Zoom link and any additional information about the talks.

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Sept 9 - Clarke Scheibe, "Jesus: A Myth, A Failed Prophet, or Lord?"

Sept 16 - Rev. Brett Cane, "Genesis 1 - 3, The Story of Beginnings: Part 1"

Sept 23 - Dr. Rob Hiebert, prof of Old Testament studies at Trinity Western Seminary, "Is the Bible Reliable?"

Sept 30 - Clarke Scheibe, "Is the Christian Church Pagan?"

Oct 7 - Liz Snell, "Walking with Loved Ones Through Faith Deconstruction"

Oct 14 - Rev. Ron Corcoran, "Deliver Us From Evil"


Oct 28 - Clarke Scheibe, "Psalms: Our Words to God, God's Words to Us"

Nov 4 - Dr. David Bowler, "Pain and Paradise - a Physician’s Perspective or, Nature, Neuroscience and the Numinous"

Nov 11 - Rev. Brett Cane, "Genesis 1 - 3, the Story of Beginnings: Part 2"

Nov 18 - Dr. Dennis Danielson, "How Do We and E.T. Fit into our Breathtakingly Large Cosmos?"

Nov 25 - Clarke Scheibe, "The Parable of the Shrewd Manager: Money and Faith"

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